FOR SALE - 1947 Piper PA12 on Baumann floats
$89,000  (sale without floats negotiable)

We purchased this fully restored PA12 in 2010 to use primarily as a sightseeing platform.  New Baumann 2100 floats were installed that year and the plane was flown between Florda and Vermont for several years before being permanently used in Vermont during the summer season.   Numerous STCs, including 160 HP Lycoming 0-320 B2A engine, Borer prop, PA 18 flaps and tail, dual 30 gallon Atlee Dodge fuel tanks, tundra landing gear, seaplane door,  and others make it highly capable 3 seat aircraft for recreational or commercial use.  It is particularly well-suited to float plane sightseeing operations.  It has been featured on the cover of both Trade-a-Plane and Piper Flyer magazine.


2266 TT
377 SMOH
Lycoming 160 HP engine
Borer prop

KX 125 Nav-comm
KT76 transponder
Vacuum system - AI and DG
405 mHZ ELT
3 place intercom

Atlee Dodge tundra landing gear with cable
Seaplane door
Extended baggage with fishing pole storage
Atlee Dodge long range fuel tanks (60 gallons)
PA18 flaps, tail feathers
Swing-out engine mount

If interested please contact Dave Bahnson via email or call 802 236 3544.

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