Installation of Baumann Floats

After purchasing the PA 12, we looked at several straight float options, notably Edo 2000's, Baumann 2100's and Aerocet 2200's.  The latter are not STC'd for the PA 12 and efforts to push that along were unsuccessful.  We choose the Baumann's for a variety of reasons - weight, storage space, flat deck, reputation and convenience.  We arranged with Joe Birkemeyer to paint them in advance then flew the plane to his facility in New Richmond to have them installed there, which took a little over a day.

We were very pleased with the whole process and with the performance of the floats, flying it to Florida after the installation.
The individual floats were completed, and the compartments sealed.
Spreader bars attached, and the floats joined together.
Ready to slide under the airplane.
Hoisted to accept the floats.
Floats positioned under the airplane, ready to attach.
Rear struts required a little tweaking, then they were bolted to the attachments.
The Baumann logo was installed last, a weight and balance sheet completed, and it's ready to launch.
Joe's truck and lift were used to tow the plane to the nearby lake, about 100 feet from the hangar.
First time floating.
Ready to go.  Joe offered to test fly them, but we were confident that there were no issues and departed for the 1300 mile trip to Florida.
Eric Weaver, Dave Bahnson, Joe Birkemeyer - new jackets.
Meanwhile, production on another set of floats continued.  It was nice to see the quality workmanship up close, and I have a new appreciation for the work involved in manufacturing them.  These are being assembled upside down.  All holes are drilled then they are completely disassembled then reassembled with sealant, then riveted together.
Two days and 1300 miles later the Super Cruiser arrives at its winter home in Tavares, Florida, at Jones Brothers Air and Seaplane Adventures.  It will be used for sightseeing and floatplane instruction before returning to Heros Aviation in Vermont in the summer, for the same purposes.